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  • Positive motion technology uses many years of technology and experience accumulated in the field of motion control to help customers in the electronic semiconductor industry provide end users with high-precision, high-efficiency and high-reliability stand-alone or complete line automation solutions.

  • In terms of masks making,the manufacturers care its productivities most, to improve productivities, the main facts to consider are speed and efficiency, Motion Controller and related system can solve this problem perfectly.ZMOTION Technology supply customer with high speed and precision EtherCAT solution.

  • With decades of experience and technology in motion control technology, ZMOTION is able to supply our customers with high precision, high efficiency and high reliability automation solution in Semi-Conductor Industry.

  • ZMOTION Technology was dedicated to general motion control products and platform for decades, in assembly line industry, ZMOTION also can bring our customers more flexible, more extended and more sophisticated solution.

  • ZMOTION Technology has insight that laser applications will be the trend in the future, combining deep understanding of motion control technology and laser processing details, ZMOTION already presented cutting-edge products series, which can be as perfect solution in laser industry for our customers.

  • ZMOTION Technology knows the meaning of quality and efficiency for our customers, based on key technologies: electronic cam, multi-axis synchronous etc, ZMOTION is able to supply customers with high speed, high precision and high reliability automation solution.

  • ZMOTION Technology understands how important motion control is for automation and digitalization of textile machine. Nowadays, competition and human cost increase rapidly, together with more limits in environment protection during manufacturing lifetime, ZMOTION comes with solution that can improves efficiency, reduces cost and save energy in sewing, warp knitting, flat knitting etc.

  • Machine tool is called as “Industry master machine”, especially high-end machine tool, it is “Base of Country Machine”. combining deep understanding of motion control technology and laser processing details, ZMOTION already presented cutting-edge products series, which can be as perfect solution in machine tool industry for our customers.

  • Industrial robot is one of the solutions for labor shortage or manpower cost problem in the future, ZMOTION Technology has key technology in industrial robot, supporting more than 30 kinds of robot structures, able to supply customers by an easier way in all aspects.


  • Bring quality to customer, Make services as brand. ZMOTION Technology bases on China and service the world, it has widely spread sales or service networks to supply customers with reliable and stable motion control products or solutions.

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  • In time and full technical supports or services are base where we stand on, ZMOTION Technology welcome you to discuss solution details, products problems, technical details etc, in order to give you accurate reference and services.

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  • In Download Center, you can find all related technical files, such as hardware manuals, software manuals, programming samples etc. some files only can be accessed after registration.

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  • ZMOTION Technology aims to supply our customers with in time and high quality after-sale services, to solve your products or technical products at first time.

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  • To Save your valuable time, please try to read common problems explanation on detail pages, if still your problems are not solved, you can contact ZMOTION Technology by calling or email directly. Thanks for your understanding and support.

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