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ZMIO310 EtherCAT Expansion Module

Product name :ZMIO310 EtherCAT Bus Expansion Module

Specification: ZMIO310 EtherCAT Bus IO, AD/DA Modules

ZMIO310 series expansion modules are vertical bus expansion modules, there are two methods to expand digital IO, analog AD and DA resources, that is, through EtherCAT and CAN. When IO, AD, DA these kinds of resources are not enough, the coupler module is required (ECAT and CAN communciation modules) to match with other sub expansion modules. Sub modules include digital input IN, digital output OUT, analog input AD and analog output DA modules. One coupler supports 16 sub modules at most.

  • Digital inputs and outputs are with signal indication leds, which is convenient to check IO state.
    Analog resolution is 16-bit, there are voltage type and current type, and several ranegs are provided.
    One coupler supports 256 inputs or 256 outputs at most, if needs to expand more, please select multi-coupler.
    One coupler supports 32 ADs or 32 DAs at most, if needs to expand more, please select multi-coupler.
    It is easy and convenient to do expansion wiring.
  • Parameter/Specification


    Power supply Voltage

    24V DC

    Communication protocol

    EtherCAT Industrial Real-Time Bus Protocol 


    CoE ( PDO, SDO )

    Communication Cycle

    250µs, 500µs, 1ms, 2ms, 4ms, etc

    Max communication speed

    Ethernet 100Mbps


    Standard Ethernet RJ45 

    Transfer Media

    Category 5e STP

    Transfer Distance

    Two nodes < 100m

    Continuation submodule expansion

    Up to 16 DI/DO submodules, or up to 8 ADs/DAs. The actual number depends on each module's power consumption.

    Max IOs of continuation submodule

    256 inputs or 256 outputs

    Max AIOs of continuation submodule

    32 ADs / 32 DAs

    Continuation slave station numbers

    up to 32

    Itself power consumption


    Inner power for back level 


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    ZMIO310 Vertical Bus Expansion Module User Manual V1.0 V1.0 PDF 2.51MB Download

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