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After Sales Service

After-Sale Service

  • Service Objects

    After sale service items apply to products purchased from ZMOTION Technology directly or other distribution channels authorized by ZMOTION Technology.

  • Service Items

    1. Warranty period: 12 months.

    During the warranty period, if the product has a non-human failure, we will provide you with warranty service. Please contact the business personnel and fill out the "Maintenance Application Form" (main information such as: product model, serial number, fault description, special requirements, etc.), send it to our company, we will complete the repair within the maintenance cycle and send it back to you.

    The warranty period calculation method is generally based on the barcode management scan out time as the delivery time (if the customer can provide the exact delivery time certificate, it can also be used as the delivery time).

    2. Exchange:

    Within 3 months from the date of product shipment, if the product has a non-human failure, we can replace the same type of product for you.

    3. Lifetime maintenance:

    We will provide customers with lifetime maintenance services. We provide paid repair services for faulty products that do not meet the warranty conditions or exceed the warranty period during the warranty period. After the customer confirms the acceptance of the repair cost of the product, we arrange for the repair of the product. However, for products that have been discontinued, or lack of repair materials, or damaged products that are too serious and have no repair value, repair services cannot be provided.

    4. Maintenance cost:

    1) For products within the warranty period, failures caused by non-human reasons are repaired free of charge;

    2) Over-warranty period or artificial damage product charging standards, we will charge the cost of components, labor costs and freight according to different models and damage levels; the specific cost will be quoted to you by the docking business personnel;

    3) Freight: The freight for products within the warranty range is borne by our company one way, and the freight for non-warranty products is borne by the customer;

  • Situations Beyond Warranty

    1) Product failure caused by force majeure factors such as fire, flood, earthquake, etc.;

    2) Damage caused by improper installation or use by customers;

    3) Product failure caused by disassembly, repair or modification of the product by personnel who are not authorized by ZMOTION Technology;

    4) Products purchased by non-positive sports technology direct sales or authorized legal channels;

    5) The serial code of the product is torn, altered or
    otherwise unreadable.

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