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Industry Application

Assembly Line

ZMOTION Technology was dedicated to general motion control products and platform for decades, in assembly line industry, ZMOTION also can bring our customers more flexible, more extended and more sophisticated solution.      


1.Automatical Assembly Line Solution



● Support up to 64 axes to control masses of motors in assembly line;

● Support up to 4096 IOs to enable more inputs or outputs operation.

Support up to 256 Ads and 128DAs to enable functions: vision detection, temperature, humidity control etc.

● Support all kinds of robotic structure, enabling robotic integration to assembly line.

● Support multi-machine control, different machines can work synchronously;

● Support HMI to detect assembly line status better;

● Support EtherCAT, making wiring among devices easier.

2.Smart Manufacturing Line solution



● Selectable master station: PC based PCI464 or standalone ZMC460N

● Selectable field bus: EtherCAT or RTEX;

● Selectable Servo: EtherCAT or RTEX

● Support up to 64 EtherCAT axes, fastest communication period of 100μs;

● Support multi-task, multi-machine, multi-robot.

● Support more than 30 kinds of robotic reverse and forward kinematics;

● Support multi-control of EtherCAT axes and RTEX axes. 

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