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Industry Application

Assembly Line

ZMotion technology focuses on development of general motion control platform and products. In automated industry line, ZMotion is with many years of application experience, it can assist industry customers to provide users with flexible and easy-to-expand automation solutions.

1.      Automatic Assembly Line Solution




Support up to 64 axes to control masses of motors in assembly line;

Support up to 4096 IOs to enable more inputs or outputs operation

  Support up to 256 ADs and 128DAs to enable functions: vision detection, temperature, humidity control etc.

Support all kinds of robotic structure, enabling robotic integration to assembly line.

Support multi-machine control, different machines can work synchronously.

Support HMI to detect assembly line status better.

Support EtherCAT, making wiring among devices easier.

2.      Smart Manufacturing Line solution



PCI464 ying.png



  Selectable master station: PC based PCI464 or standalone ZMC460N

Selectable field bus: EtherCAT or RTEX

  Selectable Servo: EtherCAT or RTEX

  Support up to 64 EtherCAT axes, fastest communication period of 100μs

Support multi-task, multi-machine, multi-robot

Support more than 30 kinds of robotic reverse and forward kinematics

  Support multi-control of EtherCAT axes and RTEX axes.

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ZMOTION Technology  has attracted experienced talents from famous companies or institutions, such as Huawei, ZET, Huazhong University of Science and Technology etc. ZMOTION insists self- innovating and collaborating with comprehensive universities, to research basic knowledge of motion control. Due to its concentration and hard work in motion control technology, ZMOTION already become one of the fastest growing industrial motion control companies in China, and is also the rare company who has managed core technologies of motion control and real time industrial control software completely.

ZMotion Technology   provides motion control card, motion controller  , vision motion controller, expansion module and HMI. (   more keywords    for ZMOTION: EtherCAT motion control card, EtherCAT motion controller, motion control system, vision controller, motion control PLC, robot controller, vision positioning...)

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