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Chairman's Wishes

Chairman's Wishes

Wishes from Chairman of Zmotion

                            Zheng Xiaoyang


“Let Advanced Chiese Motion Control Technology Be With The World, Do The Best Control To Use Motion Control”, these are always our mission and pursuit.


Thanks to support and trust from different social parts, ZMOTION Technology has experienced an extraordinary entrepreneurship journey, and harvested comprehensive identity and praise all the way. 


Smart Manufacturing now is the trend in the world, ZMOTION is just on the same way to future smart manufacturing. ZMOTION devoted itself to motion control products since establishment in 2013, we dedicated to research of motion control technology and general motion control products, already have complete products ranges to meet almost all customers’ requirements, and we also keep quick response to new or special area. With powerful functions, high performance and safe IDE environment, ZMOTION can ensure customers’ benefit perfectly. In past several years, we achieved and created time by time, realizing self-improvement rapidly.             


For last six years, we experienced reform and innovation, from a small size startup to the most professional automation company dedicated to motion control technology today, we always put our customers at first priority, and through quality assurance, brand building, management efficiency, talent improvement and culture creating, ZMOTION brand is created, company reputation and competition are also improved. we already built modern enterprise management system with complete organization structures, excellent team, advanced technology, suitable attachments and effective quality assurance system and become one of the fastest growing industrial motion control companies in China  


In the further future, we obey our basic concepts: to strive, to learn, to help, to service. We are determined to contribute to society with best products and services, to meet customers’ requirements, to create beautiful tomorrow together.   















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