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Industry Application

Laser Processing

Laser processing is a non-contact processing method, which will not generate frictional resistance between the tool and the surface of the workpiece, also will not directly impact the workpiece. The workpiece will hardly be deformed, and the laser processes locally, which means there is no influence on the non-laser irradiated part basically, so laser processing is a high-speed, high-efficiency, and high-precision workpiece processing method.

Laser processing technology is a combination of light and electromechanical technology. The moving speed, power density and direction of the laser beam can be adjusted, and it is easy to cooperate with the numerical control system to process complex workpieces, then, different levels and ranges of applications can be achieved.

ZMotion Technology has a deep insight into the future development trend and huge potential of laser applications. Combined with our own understanding of laser processing technology and motion control technology, ZMotion can provide customized motion control products and solutions to help industry customers provide users with unique, customized, more flexible and efficient laser application solutions.

ZMC408SCAN Opened Laser Galvanometer Controller:


Motion and Laser Galvanometer:

ZMC408SCAN 2.png

Product Features:

  1. Built-in high-precision PSO function, equidistant and precise output.

  2. It can flexibly control various mainstream lasers in the market.

  3. It can realize mixed interpolation of galvanometer axis + pulse axis + bus axis.

  4. Support multi-controller, multi-mirror simultaneous processing, double the efficiency.

  5. 2 galvanometer interfaces, XY2-100 protocol, support 2D/3D galvanometer.

  6. Support laser galvanometer control and galvanometer feedback to complete precise and efficient laser control.


It can be used for laser galvanometer marking, welding and cutting in the fields of 3C electronics, semiconductors, new energy, photovoltaics, automobiles, medical care, etc., as well as large-format XY table + galvanometer axis linkage processing, and XYZAC five-axis interpolation processing.

Lithium battery industry tab welding, top cover welding, module and PACK welding, tab cutting, marking, laser cleaning, etc.

ZMC408SCAN 3.png

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