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Industry Application

Special Machine Tool

Special machine tool is called as "Industry master machine", especially high-end machine tool, it is "Base of Country Machine". Combining deep understanding of motion control technology and machine tool processing technology, customized motion control products and solutions can be provided. Then help industry customers to provide users with differentiated, more flexible, efficient and more economical special machine tool application solutions.



Support connection between 6 ABZ grating scale or magnetic grating scale and ZMotion motion controllers to realize close-loop control.

Support EtherCAT axes of up to 64, fastest refresh period of 100us.

Support speed look ahead segments of up to 4096, ensuring processing precision and finish degree.

Support linear interpolation of up to 16 axes, interpolation of circular, helical, spherical etc., and support 5-axis processing.

Support secondary development, laser energy output and speed synchronization, tool follow, etc.

Support more than 30 kinds of robotic reverse and forward solutions, it is convenient to cooperate robots and special tool machines.

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ZMOTION Technology   has attracted experienced talents from famous companies or institutions, such as Huawei, ZET, Huazhong University of Science and Technology etc. ZMOTION insists self- innovating and collaborating with comprehensive universities, to research basic knowledge of motion control. Due to its concentration and hard work in motion control technology, ZMOTION already become one of the fastest growing industrial motion control companies in China, and is also the rare company who has managed core technologies of motion control and real time industrial control software completely.

ZMotion Technology     provides motion control card, motion controller  , vision motion controller, expansion module and HMI. (   more keywords    for ZMOTION: EtherCAT motion control card, EtherCAT motion controller, motion control system, vision controller, motion control PLC, robot controller, vision positioning...)

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