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Industry Application

Machine Tool

Machine tool is called as “Industry master machine”, especially high-end machine tool, it is “Base of Country Machine”. combining deep understanding of motion control technology and laser processing details, ZMOTION already presented cutting-edge products series, which can be as perfect solution in machine tool industry for our customers.     


Special Purpose Machine Tool Solution



● Support 6 ABZ grating scale or magnetic grating scale inputs to realize close-loop control;

● Support EtherCAT axes of up to 64, fastest refresh period of 100us;

● Support speed look ahead segments of up to 4096,ensuring processing precision and finish degree.

● Support linear interpolation of up to 16 axes, interpolation of circular, helical, spherical etc.

● Support secondary development: laser energy control, speed synchronization, tool follow etc

● Support more than 30 kinds of robotic reverse and forward kinematics.

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