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Two ZMotion Vision Motion Controllers: VPLC516E VS VPLC532E

Release time :2022-11-18 10:18 Author:ZMotion Editer Number of hits :25324

Today, ZMotion shares "Product News" about 6 main differences of two of our ZMotion Vision Motion Controllers: VPLC516E VS VPLC532E. (This article is full of useful information for you)

At first, let’s see their common characters.

VPLC516E and VPLC532E both integrates 1000M Ethernet and USB3.0 interfaces (several kinds of camera brands are valid – such as, …). And USB2.0 interface can be connected to keyboard and mouse, HDMI interface can be connected to high definition displayer. In addition, several kinds of vision motion functions and complex motion control functions are valid in them. Then, these two vision motion controllers replace PC + Windows + Machine Vision + Motion Control Card perfectly.

From above, we could know VPLC516E and VPLC532E are high performance vision motion controllers.

"Then, What Is The Difference Between VPLC532E & VPLC516E ? "

Firstly, see their appearances:

image 1.png


image 2.jpg

Now, let me introduce their main 6 differences

1. The Number Of Internal Axes

→ VPLC516E: motion control of 16 axes at most

→ VPLC532E: motion control of 32 axes at most

Therefore, VPLC532E has more axes.

In addition, VPLC532E has 6 high-speed pulse axes and encoder.

2. Pulse Frequency

The feedback pulse frequency of VPLC532E can reach 10M.

For VPLC516E, its single ended pulse frequency can reach 500K.

3. PWM 

VPLC532E is with 4 PWM, and VPLC516E is with 2 PWM.

But they both can be applied in DC, servo motor, control valve and other occasions.

From this, the performance of VPLC532E is faster when in hybrid usage.

4. Internal IOs

→ VPLC516E: 16 inputs and 16 outputs

→ VPLC532E: 24 + 6 inputs and 12 + 6 outputs

5. Internal Flash Space

VPLC532E can store larger data.

→ VPLC516E: 512MB

→ VPLC532E: 8G

6. Running Speed

VPLC532E is faster because of big CPU of 532E.

Therefore, if you require the speed, VPLC532E is recommended.

If no other special, VPLC516E is enough for you.

Now, understand basically, right ?

But here you could know more: 

image 3.png

image 4.png
(Hardware Manuals of these two vision motion controllers: VPLC516E VS VPLC532E)

Video Description – “VPL516E VS VPLC532E” – Welcome !

"Attention: depend on your own project requirements, pick one vision motion controller from VPLC516E and VPLC532E"

image 5.png

image 6.png

That's all, thank you for your reading -- "VPLC516E VS VPLC532E".

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