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Product name :VPLC516E

Specification: 16 axes EtherCAT bus based vision motion controller

VPLC516E vision motion controller integrates 1000 M Ethernet and USB3.0 interface (supports industrial cameras of various brands), USB2.0 interface can be connected to mouse and keyboard, HDMI interface can be connected to high-definition display. And it supports a variety of visual functions and complex motion control function. Therefore, it replaces PC+Windows+Halcon+ motion control card.

  • There are rich interfaces: communication interface, board RS232, RS485, CAN interface, 2 Ethernet (with 1000M), EtherCAT, 2 USB3.0, 2 USB2.0, HDMI interface.
    Support mainstream USB3.0 camera and GigE camera in the market.
    Support vision location, shape match, vision measurement, QR code/bar code detection, etc.
    16 axes EtherCAT bus motion control.
    The refresh cycle of EtherCAT is 1ms.
    The board has 16 digial inputs and 16 digital outputs.
    Support handwheel high-speed encoder input interface.
    Support 2 channels precision output, and can achieve position synchronization output. (POS)
    Support vision fly-camera function.
    Support electronic cam, electronica gear, position latch, synchronous follow, virtual axes and other functions.
    Many complex motion control functions can be realized,such as, linear interpolation, circular interpolation, continuous path processing.
    Support Delta, SCARA, 6-joint, dual-rotation and other 30+ robotic arm model algorithm.
    Isolation input and output can be extended to 4096 through EtherCAT bus.
    A variety of procedure encryption to protect intellectual property rights of customers
    Replace PC + Windows + Halcon + Motion Control Card
    Basic or Trapezoidal chart program. Actually PLC also can solve machine vision applications.
    Direct to interact RAM, which is higher one magnitude than PCI/PCIe data interaction.
    Users can expand Basic instuction through C language to increase real-time and flexibility.
    A motion controller has motion control, machine vision, configuration display and PLC functions.
    A software develops motion control, machine vision, configuration display and PLC synchronously.
    A program solves motion control, machine vision, configuration display and PLC applications synchronously.
  • Parameters/Specification


    Basic axes


    Max extended axes


    Basic axes type


    Inner IOs

    16 inputs and 16 outputs (with overcurrent protection)

    Max extended IOs




    Max extended AD/DA


    Pulse bit


    Encoder bit


    Speed-Accelearion bit


    Max Pulse Speed


    Axis Motion Buffer


    Array Space


    Procedure Space


    Flash Space


    Power input

    24V DC input (power is within 15W), IO load is not included.

    Communication Interface

    RS232, RS485, Ethernet, USB, CAN, EtherCAT



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