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ZMotion Technology | 2022 Annual Three Big Awards in Motion Control Area

Release time :2022-12-21 16:42 Author:ZMotion Editer Number of hits :41868

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On 2022.12.20, "2022 China Motion Control / Direct Drive Technology Industry Development Summit Forum" and Award Ceremony was held by "China Transmission", (CMMCIA) "China Motion Control Industry Alliance", (CDDIA) "China Direct Drive Industry Alliance", "Servo and Motion Control", "Direct Transmission" and "ITES China Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition" in Shenzhen Baoan Hyatt Hot.


Here, at first, let me introduce “China Transmission” briefly.

China transmission is portal website of electrical transmission, mechanical transmission and industrial automation industry. It is developed on the basis of two automation publications, "Control and Transmission" and "Servo and Motion Control". What’s more, it integrates six major platforms, including the Internet, print magazines, exhibitions, events, media alliances and multimedia, and comprehensively integrates various media forms, content resources, technology platforms and communication channels. It is a network platform that provides information publicity and business development for industrial automation enterprises.

All in all, China Transmission plays an important role in China motion control and industrial automation, which is an All-Media "Internet + " Innovation Service Platform of Industrial Automation & Intelligent Manufacture.

This ceremony takes "Gather strength to move forward, Meet better you and me" as them, which is extremely significant.

At that day, ZMotion Technology manager Zhao Jianchang and relevant ZMotion staff was invited, and they feel honor and pleasure to be present.

"CMCD 2022 Annual Innovation Product In Motion Control Area"

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VPLC710 Vision Motion Controller

"CMCD 2022 Annual Most Valuable Enterprise Award In Motion Control Area"

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Shenzhen ZMotion Technology Co., Ltd

"CMCD 2022 Annual Industry Application Award In Motion Control Area"

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ZMC408SCAN open laser galvanometer motion controller plays an important role in Lithium laser processing industry

From above, we could know ZMotion Technology won "CMCD 2022 Annual Most Valuable Enterprise Award In Motion Control Area". At the same time, its vision motion controller VPLC710 won "CMCD 2022 Annual Innovation Product In Motion Control Area". In addition, ZMC408SCAN open laser galvanometer motion controller is very important for lithium laser processing solutions, which means ZMC408SCAN was used in lithium laser processing well before, and it will be applied in a higher level in the future.Then, in this award ceremony, ZMC408SCAN obtained "CMCD 2022 Annual Industry Application Award In Motion Control Area".

"awards scene"

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It is a great honor for ZMotion to gain these three awards, especially it wins consecutively. Then, ZMotion Technology will focus on motion control all the time, will do more researches to achieve faster and valid innovation for technology and product. ZMotion devotes to develop Chinese motion control products with high stability, high performance and high quality, taking the theory of "autonomous and controllable products made in China" into practice, then, innovation and development in motion control area can be promoted in its true sense in China.

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That's all, thank you for your reading.

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Hope to meet you, talk with you and be friends with you.

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