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XPLCXXX PLC Motion Controller

Product name :XPLC864E2

Specification: 8-Axis EtherCAT Motion Controller

XPLC864E2 is a ZMC motion controller that integrates ladder of diagram and configuration software. XPLC series motion controllers can be applied in any place with PC or without PC. XPLC864E2 has 8 basic axes, which can be extended to up to 12 axes, and there are many functions it can achieve, such as, linear interpolation, electronic cam, electronic gear, synchronous follow, virtual-axis, etc. In addition, multi-task can run at the same time, also can do simulation on PC directly.

  • It supports 8 axes basically, up to 12-axis by axis expansion module.
    The fastest EtherCAT refresh period can reach 1ms.
    Pulse output mode: direction / pulse
    Support encoder position measurement, which can be configured as handwheel input mode.
    Max output pulse frequency of each axis is 500KHz.
    512 isolated inputs and 512 isolated outputs can be achieved through CAN bus.
    Positive or negative position limit or origin of axis can be configured to any input.
    The output current can reach 300mA, which can directly drive some kinds of solenoid valves.
    Support functions (linear interpolation, electronic cam, electronic gear, position latch, synchronous follow, virtual axis, etc.) of 12-axis (at most).
    Support multi-file and multi-task programming in ZBasic.
    There are various encryption methods to protect customers' intellectual properties.
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    XPLC864E-V2 Controller User Manual V1.6.0 V1.6.0 PDF 2.39MB Download

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