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ZMC4xx Series

Product name :ZMC420SCAN

Specifications: The laser galvanometer motion controller (20 motion axes+2 group galvanometer axes)

ZMC420SCAN, this laser galvanometer motion controller is mainly for laser industry, combined with galvanometer control, laser control and motion control. It supports pulse-axis/fieldbus axis/galvanometer axis mixed interpolation, no need of extra hardware, can achieve galvanometer marking and trace cutting. It supports up to 20 axes of ECAT/RTEX fieldbus connection, and interpolation of linear, random circular, helical, electronic cam, electronica gear, synchronous follow, virtual-axis, robot control, etc. Real-time control is available through optimized network communication protocol. This kind motion controller is widely used for marking, cutting, processing of metal or non-metal and other areas.

  • Galvanometer-axis output mode: XY2-100 protocol, refresh period is 50us
    Support MOVE_OP precision output, can set switch on or off laser output in advance or delay.
    Support 12 channels PWM output, can set PWM output frequency and duty cycle to control laser energe output.
    Motion control of up to 20 axes (Pulse +EtherCAT / RTEX / Galvanometer / Encoder / Virtual).
    Pulse output mode:direction/pulse or double pulse.
    Encoder position measurement is supported and can be configured as hand wheel input mode.
    Maximum axis output frequency:10Mhz
    Maximum extended IOs can reach 4096 through EtherCAT.
    The positive or negative limit signal / origin signal of axis can be configured to any inputs.
    The output current can reach 300mA, and with another two 500mA current outputs, which can directly drive some kinds of solenoid valves.
    Interfaces: USB Drive, RS485, Ethernet
    Linear interpolation of up to 16 axes, interpolation of random, spherical and helical.
    Electronic cam, electronic gear, position latch, synchronous follow, virtual-axis, etc.
    Support pulse axis/ fieldbus axis/ galvanometer axis mixed interpolation
    Support pulse closed loop, pitch compensation and other functions.
    Mulit-task and multi-file programming in ZBasic
    Various encryption methods to protect customers' intellectual properties.
    Power failure detection and power failure storage.
  • Specification


    Basic Axes


    Max Axes


    Basic Axis Type

    EtherCAT/RTEX/4 differential pulse axis(outputs can be configured with 6 singel-port pulse axes) / 4 Galvanometer-axis

    Inner IOs

    24 Inputs 12 Outputs (all channels with overcurrent protection), each differential pulse-axis has 1 in and 1 out.

    Max IOs

    4096 Inputs 4096 Outputs


    12 (output frequency: 1Mhz)

    Inner ADDA

    2 ADs,2 DAs (0-10V)

    Max ADDA

    256 ADs,128 DAs

    Pulse Resolution


    Encoder Resolution


    Speed Resolution


    Max Pulse Speed


    Axis Motion Buffer


    Array Space


    Procedure Space


    Flash Sace


    Power Supply

    24V DC(power is within 10W,no need of fan cooling),IO Power Supply:24V DC


    RS232,RS485,Ethernet,USB Drive,CAN, EtherCAT,RTEX



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    ZMC420SCAN Hardware Manual V1.0 V1.0 PDF 1.41M Download

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