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Congratulation: ZMotion Technology won Shenzhen

Release time :2022-07-04 11:34 Author:Zmotion editor Number of hits :2279

"New Special Expertise"
specialization, refinement, characterization, innovation

On June 15, Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality announced the list of "New Special Expertise" enterprises in 2021. ZMOTION always studies on industrial control field. In this path, ZMotion is serious. It takes “innovation” as core all the time and continues to improve the degree of specialization, development potential, etc. All these are seen, then, ZMOTION is honor to enter the list.


2021 Shenzhen "New Special Expertise" Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Public List


“New Special Expertise” means specialization, refinement, characterization and innovation.

During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, the state vigorously promoted the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the direction of "specialization, refinement, characterization and innovation". The soul of “New Special Expertise” is innovation, and the foundation is scientific and technological strength.

ZMOTION specializes in motion control technology research and independent innovation research on development of general motion control software and hardware products. It masters the key core technologies of motion control, and deploys in various sub-fields of industrial control. Here, ZMotion has won the Shenzhen "New Special Expertise" enterprise certification, which highlights the product research and development strength and market competitiveness of ZMOTION TECHNOLOGY.

In the future, ZMOTION will also focus on “New Special Expertise” theory, and help build powerful manufacturing. ZMotion stays in industrial control area, making stronger foundation, hoping technology to be practiced.

Let Advanced Chinese Motion Control Technology Be With the World” is Zmotion’s mission. “Do the best to use motion control” is Zmotion’s vision. Both won’t change forever. More wonderful products and services will be provided for customers by ZMOTION TECHNOLOGY.


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