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  • As we all know, 3C industry is typical labor intensive, therefore it is necessary to update automation of industry for reducing labor cost in the future. Based on own understanding of motion control technology in the 3C electronics industry, ZMotion focuses on the intelligent transformation of 3C electronics manufacturing, and provides comprehensive and rich intelligent manufacturing solutions for industry customers around its pain points and difficulties.

  • ZMOTION Technology has insight that laser applications will be the trend in the future, combining deep understanding of motion control technology and laser processing details, ZMOTION already presented cutting-edge products series, which can be as perfect solution in laser industry for our customers.

  • ZMotion technology deeply understands the importance of quality and efficiency to users. There are core technologies, such as electronic cams, multi-axis synchronization, etc., then we can assist customers to provide end users with high-speed, high-precision and high-reliability automation solutions.

  • ZMotion technology focuses on development of general motion control platform and products. In automated industry line, ZMotion is with many years of application experience, it can assist industry customers to provide users with flexible and easy-to-expand automation solutions.

  • As one of leading motion control enterprise in China, Zmotion technology has given high-speed and high-precision motion control solutions for electronic semi-conductor equipment manufacturers , and these solutions are applied successfully, such as, high-precision auxiliary material placement equipment, high-speed special-shaped plug-in machine, die bonding machine, turret sorting machine, etc., for these applications and solutions in the future, Zmotion always focuses on promoting production efficiency, saving manufacture cost, and ensuring high quality.

  • Control products are extremely important for the automation and digitization of textile machinery. And in the context of increasingly fierce competition, sharply rising labor costs, and increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements, ZMotion technology can cooperate with customers in industries such as sewing machines, hosiery machines, warp knitting machines, and flat knitting machines to provide end users with automatic upgrading and transformation plan for promoting efficiency, reducing cost and consumption.

  • Robots are one of the important solutions to cope with labor shortages and rising labor costs in the future. ZMotion technology has fully mastered the core technology of robot control, covering more than 30+ manipulator models, and can assist industry customers to provide comprehensive and easy-to-use robot solutions for terminals.
    There shows 3 kinds robots solutions, Delta, Scara and 6-joint robots.

  • Machine tool is called as “Industry master machine”, especially high-end machine tool, it is “Base of Country Machine”. combining deep understanding of motion control technology and laser processing details, ZMOTION already presented cutting-edge products series, which can be as perfect solution in machine tool industry for our customers.

  • More interaction and richer audience experience are becoming the trend. ZMotion Technology's investment in the field of motion control technology for many years, which means we has sufficient strength to provide a wealth of motion control products and solutions, helping industry customers to provide users with a brand-new experience that is comprehensive, unique, rich, and beyond expectations.


  • Bring quality to customer, Make services as brand. ZMOTION Technology bases on China and service the world, it has widely spread sales or service networks to supply customers with reliable and stable motion control products or solutions.

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  • In time and full technical supports or services are base where we stand on, ZMOTION Technology welcome you to discuss solution details, products problems, technical details etc, in order to give you accurate reference and services.

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  • In Download Center, you can find all related technical files, such as hardware manuals, software manuals, programming samples etc. some files only can be accessed after registration.

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  • ZMOTION Technology aims to supply our customers with in time and high quality after-sale services, to solve your products or technical products at first time.

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  • To Save your valuable time, please try to read common problems explanation on detail pages, if still your problems are not solved, you can contact ZMOTION Technology by calling or email directly. Thanks for your understanding and support.

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