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Zmotion 10th Anniversary Celebration | 2013-2023-Future

Release time :2023-05-18 11:45 Author:ZMotion Editer Number of hits :11484
· Congratulations !·

Happy birthday to Zmotion Technology !

Zmotion is built on May 14th 2013, and now it experienced 10 years, and on May 14th 2023, it is Zmotion's 10 years birthday.


At 3:30 p.m. on May 14th,  Zmotion held a 10th anniversary celebration with the theme of " 初心如磐,奋楫笃行 (Keep the heart as A Firm Rock, Act and Work Hard Together)" at the Shenzhen Bao Li Lai International Hotel. All colleagues and specially invited partners of Zmotion gathered together on this special day to celebrate and witness the 10th anniversary of Zmotion Technology.


In the past ten years, Zmotion has always adhered to the original intention of domestic motion control technology and product improvement, constantly overcame the bottleneck of software and hardware technology, and committed to creating independent, controllable, easy-to-use, and powerful motion control technology. In the past and the future, Zmotion always provides customers with the best motion control products and ecology.


After all members arrived and visited, the 10th Anniversary Celebration starts on time !

There are mainly 4 parts.

1. The 10th Anniversary -- Leadership Speech


Zmotion Chairman Zheng Xiaoyang  


Zmotion Manager Zhao Jianchang  


Zmotion Deputy-Manager Chen Guanghua

They talked about their ideas, feelings and experiences of these 10 years, also including the determination and hope for Zmotion future development.


2. The 10th Anniversary --Birthday Cake


The development of Zmotion is inseparable from every hard-working employee and the partners who accompany and grow together all the way. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Zmotion, Chairman Zheng Xiaoyang, General Manager Zhao Jianchang and partners are invited to cut the cake together to celebrate the 10th birthday of Zmotion!

3. The 10th Anniversary --Awards

(1) Awards For 2022

Zmotion has always been adhering to the corporate culture of "strive, service, study and mutual assistance", focusing on the introduction and training of talents, and the positive motivation of talents. At this celebration, the employees and teams who made outstanding achievements in 2022 were specially commended, and several awards were presented.



(2) Awards For these 10 years

Looking back on ten years of development, outstanding old employees and excellent teams have been fighting fortresses, they always carry out the corporate culture of "strive, service, study and mutual assistance". Therefore, this celebration set up the 10th Anniversary Award to thank these employees and teams for their contributions.



(3) Awards For Partners

The development of Zmotion is inseparable from partners. We are grateful to our partners who have been with us all the way. This celebration specially set up the "Growth Accompanying Partners" award to express our Zmotion's sincere gratitude to customers, partners, industry partners and industry associations.


4. The 10th Anniversary -- Lucky Draw

At the dinner, Zmotion broke the convention and arranged a lottery session. Many novel and practical gifts were drawn out that night, including treadmills, Razer mechanical keyboards, instant cameras, etc.


In addition, there are many beautiful, funning and wonderful performances.


Video Description

About Zmotion

That's all, thank you for your reading.

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Hope to meet you, talk with you and be friends with you.  Welcome!

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Zmotion Technology focuses on development of motion control technology and general motion control products, it is a national high and new technology enterprise. Due to its concentration and hard work in motion control technology, ZMOTION already become one of the fastest growing industrial motion control companies in China, and is also the rare company who has managed core technologies of motion control and real time industrial control software completely. Here, Zmotion provides motion controller, motion control card, vision motion controller, expansion module and HMI. In addition, there is one program software developed by Zmotion -- ZDevelop. It is a good choice for you to program and compile. And program through upper computer, there is PC manual.

Zmotion Technology provides motion control card, motion controller, vision motion controller, expansion module and HMI. ( more keywords   for Zmotion: EtherCAT motion control card, EtherCAT motion controller, motion control system, vision controller, motion control PLC, robot controller, vision positioning...)

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