ZMC406 is the most classic motion controller Zmotion has made since EtherCAT technology was used in its products,not only because the various functions and high performance descended from its former Series,such ZMC3XX series and ZMC2XX series,but also the built-in EtherCAT protocol which is regarded as lending edge technology and a trend in motion control area. ZMC406 actually defines Zmotion's faith:DO THE BEST MOTION CONTROL EASY TO USE.

●  Motion control of up to 64 axes through EtherCAT or 32 axes through Retex.

●  EtherCAT has a fastest refresh cycle of 100 us.

●  Supports encoder position measurement, can be configured to hand wheel input mode.

●  The maximum output pulse frequence of each axis can reach 8MHz. 

●  The extended isolation inputs or isolation outputs can reach 1024 through CAN.

●  The extended isolation inputs or isolation outputs can reach 4096 through EtherCAT .

●  The maximum output current can reach 300 mA,it can drive part of the solenoid valve directly.

●  Supports synchronous motion of up to 16 axes, groups of axes run simultaneously.

●  Supports pulse closed loop, pitch compensation etc.

●  Supports other normal functions without bus.