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Product News

High performance EtherCAT motion controller released—ZMC464

Release time :2020-11-03 16:47 Author:zmotion Number of hits :1168


Product Features

● Motion control of up to 64 axes(3 pulse axes+EtherCAT axes,encoder axes or virtual axes) 

● Pulse output mode:direction/pulseordoublepulse 

● Fastest EtherCAT refresh cycle of 100us 

● Maximum axis output frequency:10Mhz. 

● Maximum extended IOs can reach 4096 through EtherCAT. 

● Mulit-task and multi-file programming in ZBasic,up to 22 tasks and 62 files. 

● Interpolation of linear,circular,spherical,helical etc,together with speed look-ahead 

● Electronic cam,electronic gear,motion superposition,virutal axis,hardware position latch,comparison output

● 2 high speed position lath channel,continuous latch,1μs measurement precision 

● Support all kinds robot structures,Delta,Scara,6 joints etc. 

● Multi-task,multi-axis and multi-robot control 
● Hardware comparison output(HW_PSWITCH2),hardware timer and precision output in motion. 
● Independent continuous interpolation on multi machines 
● Various encryption methods to protect customers' intellectual properties 
● Power failure detection and power failure storage

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