ShenZhen Zmotion is a company dedicated to research of motion control technology and R&D Innovation,manufacturing and sales of  motion control platform products.We have experts from some famous companies or institutions,such as Huawei and ZTE.Nowadays,Zmotion has already mastered the core technology of motion control and Real-time embedded platform technology based on BASIC language.


Our products have all kinds of motion control funtions and strong extensibility:linear,circular,helical,spherical,elliptical and elliptical helical interpolation,velocity look-ahead,electonic cams,gearboxes,pitch compensation,synchronous tracking,motion-superposition,virtual axis,pulse close-loop,hardware position latch, Position comparison output,continuous interpolation,dwell motion etc. our products also support  IO or axes expansion through bus protocol .


All our products are in strict accordance with Huawei IPD-CMM software development process with stability equal to Telecom level; The controller supports secondary development through BASIC language or computer opereting system or embedded platform;support for multifile or multi-tasks running and self-defined instructions.we provide strong development environment Zdevelop,it supports PC simulated function  and online trace debugging,it is also compatible with habit which is formed  in VC,any complex motion requirement can be realized easily.


We always insist to maintain the benefit of any customer through the technology service.our products are safer,because they can encryped by long string,the code is strored through non-invertible algorithm,at the same time the programme files can be transformed into encrypted  library file ;any controller have its unique indentification code,the download programme can be binded to a individual controller or a series of controllers.

                                                                                                                                                                    Our Quality Concept:put  quality above  business benefit